The IChemE Global Awards have announced CPFD Software as Highly Commended for a second consecutive year.  CPFD’s joint entry, together with ThermoChem Recovery International, USA (TRI), is entitled Digital Technology Enables Novel Waste-to-Fuels Process, and highlights TRI’s digitalization journey with Barracuda Virtual Reactor culminating in the conversion of municipal solid waste (MSW) to jet fuel. 

TRI has developed and commercialized a novel waste-to-fuels technology that is truly sustainable, versatile and economically competitive with fossil fuels.  Diverse waste streams are converted into renewable fuels and chemicals in a process that reduces waste, improves efficiency and reduces environmental impact.  CPFD’s Virtual Reactor simulation technology was at the heart of a digital syngas model which was validated and utilized at test, pilot and commercial stages enabling TRI to develop and scale the technology in a flexible, rapid and commercially viable manner. 

”What an honor!  It’s only been a month since Barracuda Virtual Reactor won Best Software Technology at the 2020 Hydrocarbon Processing Awards, and now we receive this high commendation at the IChemE Global Awards.  This sequence of recent awards is a picture of how CPFD’s technology has gained mainstream acceptance in various industries.  Simulation of traditional applications, like FCCUs at refineries, has become standard practice, and now we’re seeing similar rapid deployment from leaders in the sustainability and circular economy space.  Whether it’s trash to fuels, chemical looping combustion, or advanced recycling of plastics, Virtual Reactor is positively impacting a greener, more sustainable planet!”

 Peter Blaser,

Vice President, CPFD Software

Congratulations to Saudi Aramco, who was also Highly Commended, and GSK, UK who took top spot in this year’s Process Automation and Digitalization category.
The IChemE Global Awards celebrate chemical and process engineering excellence. After a quarter century they are widely considered the world’s most prestigious chemical engineering awards and recognize outstanding projects, people and companies.

Thank you to the IChemE team, the volunteer judges and to Aveva for sponsoring this year’s Process Automation and Digitalisation Award.  We would especially like to thank TRI for your partnership over the years and for agreeing to share our joint success story with the global chemical engineering community.



About TRI
ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc. (TRI) develops and sells steam reforming gasification systems that provide the foundation for state-of-the-art integrated biorefinery facilities. We are deeply committed to developing sustainable, economic biomass alternatives to fossil fuel power generation and products. We actively collaborate with associations, academia, government agencies, and our enterprise partners in R&D to develop innovative, reliable biorefinery solutions.



CPFD Software has specialty expertise in fluid-particle systems and simulations. Our Barracuda Virtual Reactor software technology, provides particle-fluid dynamics simulation for engineering design and optimization of industrial fluidized systems and components. Virtual Reactor simulation solutions are provided worldwide through software licensing, applications support, and engineering services.